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Fighting for Freedom of Expression at SCOTUS

Prof. William Wagner authored a brief on behalf of Right to Life (MI) and the Wagner Faith & Free Center at Spring Arbor University. Debra A. Vitagliano v. County of Westchester, N.Y. (23-74) (2023) We filed the brief filed in support of a Christian citizen challenging a law making it a crime to express a pro-life viewpoint on the topic of abortion while on a public sidewalk in proximity to an abortion clinic. The issue before the Court is:

Whether the Court should overrule the holding in Hill v. Colorado that improperly enables government to prohibit and punishing speech with which it disagrees — and why the doctrine of stare decisis does not require adherence to the incorrect holding of that case?

Read the Supreme Court Brief Here

23-74 Amicus Brief WFFC
Download PDF • 281KB


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