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God's Sovereignty - Part 2 (The Arts)

Part Two of our series on God's Sovereignty focuses on the creative Arts. As the Creator, God Himself is the Master Artist. He made us in His image to be a creative people, and He has a good, redemptive purpose for the arts.

Too often, we let the world dominate the creative fields, but the Lord calls His sons and daughters to steward the gift of creativity and art for His good purposes. As believers in Jesus Christ, the arts provide us with an opportunity to convey Scriptural truths to a society longing for substance. By creating good art – advertisements, literature, film, creative writing, paintings, music, photographs, theater, dance – we can have a profound impact on those around us. We can sculpt the ideas and actions of an entire generation, enabling them to see and serve God as He deserves.

Unpack these ideas and more with Katherine Bussard and explore a vision of how YOU can use your creative talents to glorify God.


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